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Limmy Streamed our Game – Developing Games in Scotland with No Code

Based out of Glasgow, Scotland, No Code are an independent games development studio.

In this video the BBC Social interviews Jon McKellan, Founder of No Code, to discuss Observation, game development in Scotland and how it felt when Scottish comedian Limmy streamed one of their games.

No Code has developed and released games including Super Arc Light, Stories Untold and Observation.

Jon explains the game features the player taking control of the AI for a space station. Rather than being a character trying to work your way out of the failing station, the player takes on the role of the AI trying to fix itself.

Speaking on Scotland’s gaming industry, Jon recalls how upon returning from working down south he found the sector had expanded beyond Dundee into Glasgow and Edinburgh too, and that small companies are succeeding and growing into large ones.

For those who want to get into the industry Jon recommends simply getting started – Unity or Unreal game engines are accessible and can be learned at home.

A fun headline moment for them was when Scottish comedian Limmy streamed playing their game Stories Untold.

Jon believes Scotland’s game industry is on the cusp of going mainstream. While mega studios like Rock Star aren’t necessarily a part of the local scene the developers who move on from them join other small studios and help them grow, like their own No Code, which has grown from just two developers now to eleven, a growth he believes others will enjoy too.

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